Rocket Speed Sweeper

Industrial floor sweeper

                          Get the shine in half the time


    The innovative design of the Rocket Speed Sweeper allows you to cut your housekeeping time to a minimum with little capital investment.

Our unique pivoting head is designed to prevent damage or injury in case of an unintended brush or accidental bump of the sweeper head.

The Rocket Speed Sweeper uses conventional mop heads eliminating the need to purchase additional supplies. One heavy duty washable nylon mop head is included with your purchase.

Touch less on-off mounting eliminates excessive handling making the transition from forklift to sweeper fast, easy and safe. No moving parts so you never have down time.

proper use of the sweeper will give your floors in your warehouse a shine in half the time.

Spring assisted shock absorbing sweeper head allows for a smooth operation over concrete expansion joints, tool joints or floor variations.

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